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Jeremiah’s Promise is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization where we Love, Challenge and Equip  Foster Youth, ages 17 to 24, for a Better Future.

At Jeremiah's Promise, the complex and urgent needs of these emerging adults are guided through a three-prong format.  A young person may be mentored one-to-one with an adult who has been well-screened, trained and successfully background checked. The mentoring relationship moves the young adult toward a confident independence as they tackle tough decisions around school, work, friendships, emotional healing, living arrangements and the often-tumultuous bridging from childhood to adulthood.

A second way we "love, challenge and equip" is through the development of a college-based series of workshops that guide emancipated foster youth at our local community colleges through the process of confidence building, healthy relationship patterns, conflict resolution, building a permanent and stable network of support, employability skills, academic success, internships, job shadowing opportunities and career options.

The third way we assist former foster youth is through automated mentoring that incorporates challenging tasks, social media, videos, and film clips into daily exercises designed to be stimulating, thought provoking and fun. Presented through a revolutionary, web-based platform, youth are able to learn, heal, grow and gain confidence in major areas of their lives. Called The Next Step, former or current foster youth 17 to 24 may log on for free through the Jeremiah’s Promise website.


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