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Dear Nicholas,

We close out the year with prayers of abiding peace, joy and abundant blessings for the youth we serve, for the gifted volunteers and partners who work alongside us, and for the donors who make it possible for us to expand our reach.  Read on to see what your support has brought to the many lives touched by our faith-based nonprofit. 
A True ROI
Stressed out student
"Thank you!" This email response was 
received moments after we submitted 
a scholarship recommendation 
for one of our students. 
"I've been feeling
 much better about my accomplishments 
since talking to you," she added. 
"It's crazy to think that 4 years ago
 I was calling 
Jeremiah's Promise because 
I was roofless, 
staying at a park. Meeting you 
has been a blessing. 
Thank you for helping me 
pay off my (medical) debts, 
gain assets, create my own 
personal network, 
and sign up for scholarships.
wouldn't have 
signed up for NOVA or YES if it wasn't 
for you. I didn't have enough clothes 
to fill up my drawers before. 
I didn't even own a raincoat. 
You really helped me back 
on my feet. You helped me get 
my paperwork, as well as, 
proof of foster care. I'm grateful 
for everything you've done for me. 
Thank you for getting me 
off the streets and 
taking me shopping for polos
 (work shirts) 
and giving me the opportunity 
to be interviewed by a newspaper 
or speak 
at a church on behalf of JP.
 It was a highlight of my life. 
If you ever need 
anyone to vouch for how important 
it is to have a program like JP, 
I'll be more than happy 
to volunteer. Hopefully, I'll get 
the scholarship." 
She did.  She texted the news 
in November 
that she received 
 a $25,000 scholarship to UCSC. 
She will complete 
 her biology degree there 
 starting this fall.
She is one of 156 young men and women, 
ages 17 to 25 who have attended 
our college-based workshops.
Another 143 have taken 
 The Next Step web 
 coaching courses, and 759
have benefited from support
through our Leadership
Development program.

Defying the Odds
As a former foster youth, 
I find myself
beating the odds every day, 
whether they 
are big or small. I grew up hearing  
"you can't" and "you'll never". 
When I would speak 
of my future plans, I was confronted 
with "you need to be 
more realistic" and that I would 
never have the same opportunities 
as "other kids". 
I was the only one of my siblings 
who made it out of my family 
unscathed by drugs and prison. 
I earned my high school diploma 
in 2009. 
In fact, I was so determined 
to finish at my original high school 
that, although I was placed 
in a group home 20 miles away, 
I rode my bicycle to the train
station and caught multiple 
buses to get to school on time.
I believe school was 
the only thing 
I could hold onto during 
that difficult time in my life. 
School has been the only thing that 
has made me turn out differently 
from my brother and sister. 
I've also been able to earn 
my Associates Degree 
at CSM.  
Some of my other achievements 
include: successfully completing an
 internship program 
that resulted in a full-time job,
 illustrating a children's book, 
and being 
accepted to Mills College... 
My dream is to earn a BA degree 
in Film, Television and Media. 
I hope to inspire 
others the way I have been 
inspired by film.
* This young lady, a former student
 in JP's Foster Forward Summer Series
was one of three transition-age 
foster youth from 
San Mateo County
who won the "Beating the Odds"
 scholarship contest 
 in October, using this essay.
We hope she'll eventually 
produce a movie about her life. 
Corporations and churches are among those who have continued to bless us this year - some in unexpected ways. Several have been helping us for most of the 11 years since our program officially got off the ground.  Menlo Park Presbyterian Church has provided quarterly contributions to JP  since 2004. We also have been a recipient of the eBay Foundation since 2006 that matches its employee giving.  

Google has surfaced as a major support n 2014 as they plan to match employee gifts through their annual G-Give program the week of Dec. 1-5.  JP was one of five charities chosen by Google for this honor, which will match a $10,000 challenge from one of their generous executives who, in turn, will match up to $10k in donations from fellow Googlers. 

Supporting JP since 2005, the Los Altos Town Crier Holiday Fund has continued its annual fundraising drive that includes JP and 18 other local nonprofits.  Finally, Los Altos United Methodist Women has added its financial support for a  7th year. 

If our mission is one you would like to sponsor, you may want to look at a couple of opportunities  mentioned below. We appreciate your hard-earned sacrifices that have helped us help youth who are working hard to rebuild their lives and strengthen our community  through academic pursuits, life skills development, emotional and spiritual healing, and rewarding careers. 

Thank each of you who have made JP an honored recipient of your kindness!

Have a Very, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

 Kim Golter

Jeremiah's Promise, Inc.

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