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Your support has been instrumental this year in pushing forward a mission that has brought hope, confidence and accomplishment to the lives of youth and young adults from our foster care system. We bless you and yours with a future that is full of love, grace and just enough challenge to make you even sharper and wiser. Thank you and Have a Very, Merry Christmas!

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Our Next Step
"I hope to someday reach my goal of being a doctor. With that said, I understand that with a job as complex as that, there comes a lot of responsibilities that I must make sure I am able to rise up to and perform. I hope that with my dream - my career - I am able to make a positive impact, not just solely in people's lives, but in the world." A very gifted young lady wrote this as her life statement during our Bridge2College workshops this summer. The Next Step isoBlog course, "Vision for Your Future" was the game changer for many of them. Several reached their "Aha" moments where everything turned around for them. They finally realized the one thing they needed to know and do to get out from under a mindset that had been defeating them. They went on to develop the confidence to map out a future with workable life and academic plans, and they met the challenge to aim even higher to create a specific, personal impact on their community. Their astonishing response was the reason we have been asked to work with the Independent Living Program throughout the year, coaching foster youth 14-17 during their monthly workshops.

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YOUR Next step

During this past year, we reached a strategic milestone in the development and expansion of Jeremiah's Promise. Our online program is starting to spread nationwide to guide, encourage and equip thousands of foster youth and others with painful pasts as they navigate a future that we aim to be promising and bold. Why this format? Because youth and emerging adults have shown they grow far more with a daily, structured regimen of instruction and tasks in the isoBlog format we are using. They report they learn a lot from the film clips and videos. They are raw and honest with heartfelt comments they post confidentially. They admit they especially like the way we post our replies just to their 'journal', though many have begun to use the community and team features to encourage each other. "I always enjoy our little check-ins in the morning," our budding doctor posted. Another said, "At first, I thought, 'I have to remember to do my isoBlog today.' But now, I wake up and think, 'I get to do my isoBlog today!' "

We offer three ways to sponsor youth locally or through The Next Step coaching nationwide. To participate, please view the Sponsor link below.

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