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Dear Nicholas,

As we reflect upon our experiences with former foster youth this year, we can't help but smile at their  boldness, honesty, humor, and vulnerability.  We wish we had more of what they have! We are awed by the resolve of these emerging adults to beat the odds and become an inspirational story in a dismal foster care world.  Read on about some of the 90 students we were privileged to know through college-based workshops, 1-to-1 coaching, mentoring, and a donor-inspired financial aid program. These former foster youth also contributed material, songs and video ideas to our web-based coaching site. In turn, they often expressed their gratitude for what they received from us.
My Name
Matters to Me!

"You got my name right! 
Nobody ever gets 
my name right! 
How did you did you know?" 
Frankly, the question threw me. 
I paused, completely stumped 
by the response 
of the young man
sitting in front of me. 
As a journalist back in the day, 
I was taught 
that a getting
a person's name right 
was next to godliness. 
It was sacred. 
Jasean, Vincel, Zakiya, 
and Zhoobin could 
not have been more
astonished or pleased
that we cared enough 
about them 
to pronounce 
their names correctly, 
let alone remember them 
the next time we saw them. 
To them and to us, it was 
an acknowledgment
of their personhood, 
their dignity. It showed they mattered to us.
And the names shown 
above?  They are not
pronounced as you
might think.
Our secret was to listen 
carefully to the introduction, discreetly ask their friend 
for help if we couldn't 
figure it out. Another
common method was 
to grasp the pronunciation 
as it was overheard
in conversation.  
Why go to all the trouble? 
Because their names matter 
to us, too. 
Problem? Meet Solution!
We've had countless, 
meaningful interactions 
with former foster youth 
in the past 10 years. 
Many began as we watched movies together, waiting for teachable moments. 
We still use a lot of film clips
 in our workshops. 
The students love it.
Still, long-term change 
has come slowly 
and with many setbacks.
We now have a solution. 
 It's called 
 Launched this summer, 
students already report
significant breakthroughs 
with our unique, web-based 
approach that inspires and challenges as it coaches 
step by step for 21 days 
per course to affect 
lasting change in 
behaviors and 
faulty belief structures. 
Alison recently completed 
Your Right Job Right Now. 
"It woke something up 
inside of me," she said. 
We can sometimes get 
in our own way with excuses,"
 she added. "We need 
to develop the habits now 
to do the things 
that we want down the road. 
This training puts theory 
into practice. Thank you 
for helping me 
align my dreams 
with reality!!!" 
The ground-breaking platform 
we are using has a social media front end and 
a behavioral science 
back end.
In other words, it allow us
 to deepen impact 
between meetings, 
track our results, and
change what isn't
working for an individual
or for a group of people step by step for long-term 
Dumpster Diving
and Butterflies 
The text came late one night, just as I was falling
into bed exhausted. 
The frantic message was 
from one of our college 
workshop students 
who also receives 
our coaching, mentoring 
and some financial support 
to keep her in school 
full time. She has been 
feisty go getter. 
Sometimes her creativity has worked for her; 
sometimes, against her.
It's debatable 
if this was the former.
I called her back. She explained she had to buy several things
for fall classes but needed help to buy them. For instance, 
she needed butterfly pins 
and a display box. 
"I have to catch bugs 
for science," she said. She continued that she 
already had saved a lot 
of money by dumpster diving 
for school books this term. 
"You did what?!" I said incredulously. She explained 
that she saw texts 
in the dumpster, tossed out by the book store, so she climbed in 
to see if there were 
any she could use.
 "I got a couple of almost 
new ones," she beamed. 
I wasn't sure if I 
should be aghast or proud.
She added that she 
needed a journal 
for another class. 
"Oh, and all my socks 
have holes in them." 
Earlier in the year, we 
had bought her new eyeglasses. This next 
opportunity gave us time 
to talk and problem solve
about other issues. 
The afternoon drive through Saratoga, Santa Clara and 
San Jose were well worth 
the time and expense 
even if it just kept her 
out of the dumpster. 

We have been blessed with the same promise as the verse for which we were named:  "For I know the thoughts I think toward you," says the Lord, "thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."  Our mission is to leave an indelible imprint of hope on those we encounter. In the process, many reciprocate by providing us a sense of peace and goodness. It comes in various forms:  the laughter shared at our Friday evening intercessions, a committed cadre of workshop facilitators, genuinely appreciative thank you notes from students we have served, encouragement from college staff, a welcoming smile from a county worker, or shared resources with another nonprofit. It's the simple things that keep us going. We bless you this season to experience the same in your life. 
Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year,
The Jeremiah's Promise Team
Jeremiah's Promise, Inc. 
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Rebuild their Foundation
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$50    will award a student a gift card for attending 3 consecutive workshops
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$5000 will support 3 months of interactive, workshops for up to 30 students
$10000 will fund 1 year of 1-to-1, in-depth coaching & mentoring of 10 students
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