"I hope that my educational dreams will allow me to have a job where I can find my work fun and exciting. My dreams will allow me to be financially stable. I hope that I can be a mother down the line. My dream is to be a great mom. I hope that I can provide emotional support and stability to my child. I hope that I can find good friends that I can trust. It can be hard to make real friends. I hope that I can touch other people's lives, as well. I want to make an impact on this world." - response posted by foster youth in Day 17's Vision for Your Future isoBlog

The Next Step:  DO the Bold Moves. Change Your Life.
Transition-Age Foster Youth Took the Challenge, Transformed their DOing.
Inspiring Results from July's Bridge2College Program Using Vision4Future isoBlogs

"I am so excited for the youth and for isoblogs to continue.  I think every youth/young adult should have the opportunity to do this.  Congrats to you!"  This was an email from Raysean Ford, the Independent Living Program Director for San Mateo County. His boss, an incredulous John Fong, added, "Awesome Kim. That's all I can say.  Thank you for your continued partnership." Of the 17 transition-age foster youth involved in the Bridge2College Challenge, 10 completed all 21 days of cloud-based coaching, posted in-depth responses daily to the facilitator, phoned in each of three weekends and attended two workshops. In return the finishers each received $500 in Visa gift cards. That 59% completion rate is eye popping in the world of foster care. SM said, "Thank you Kim...going to be hearing that a lot from me!!! Haha, but I truly appreciate your advice and how you've supported me through this course. I have really enjoyed it so far and am certainly learning more about myself and the desires I have for my future career and overall life!"

Cloud-Based Coaching + Social Media Interface + Best Training Practices
=  A New, Incredible, Victorious Start for Youth with Painful Pasts

college student use smart phone sit on stairs     Note  Shallow depth of field
New doors have opened after very encouraging feedback from our Summer Bridge2College challenge, as well as, feedback from local college students. We will begin to work with another 100+ transition-age foster youth, ages 17 to 24, starting in September. Unity Care's Independent Living Program is excited to use our Next Step tool to support its youth, and we begin this fall to roll out isoBlog coaching to additional county foster youth and college students to keep them moving forward in school, life and careers. In addition, all of the young adults who finished the Bridge2College program have said they want to continue the Next Step isoBlogs. They now will be able to interact together on the site to work toward a common goal through our community and team features. The students we have served hail from UC Santa Cruz, San Francisco State, Sonoma State, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, College of San Mateo, Foothill College, San Francisco City College, Skyline and Canada colleges, among others. 

See Next Step isoBlog Goals and Descriptions
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