Jeremiah's Promise, Inc.
Jeremiah's Promise, Inc. 09/17/14
Sustained, Systematic Onslaught

How would you describe the Jeremiah's Promise mission to a friend? It's simple. JP uses a sustained, systematic onslaught to overcome that which has been a steady and merciless adversary against our foster youth. Teens from the foster care system have encountered more hardship, disappointment and heartache than most of us could ever imagine.  It takes order, consistent involvement and persistence to help them regain their footing and achieve opportunities many of us take for granted.  JP recently strengthened its leveraging capacity with county and local social service agencies. The goal is to gain traction to support those teens and young adults who have been forgotten, forsaken and forlorn. We're excited about what our collective efforts will bring. Read on.
Leveraging Partners, Mobilizing for Good
Team Challenge
Astounding momentum has built as JP's partners in the trenches come to acknowledge the depth and breadth of support offered by The Next Step and Foster Forward programs. Those who have banded together include the College of San Mateo, CASA and county social service providers who specialize in the support of nearly 200 transition-age foster youth each year. JP's two-pronged approach works synergistically to create a sustained systematic onslaught that helps defeat the torrent of negativity foster youth often encounter. Youth involved in the JP programs report they are moving past the aftermath of trauma with confident expectations. They say with relief that negative, penetrating, beliefs and sabotaging patterns are changing into positive, hopeful behaviors, and they are achieving meaningful differences in their life goals, academic pursuits and personal relationships. JP has met with many agencies in recent months, resulting in the sharing of its core offerings that promote stability, achievement and academic resilience. Silicon Valley's foster youth, ages 17 and up, are being directed to Foster Forward workshops. Also our partners' staff and their teen clients are exploring The Next Step, JP's web coaching tool, that equips youth to overcome crucial barriers to success and fulfillment. One day at a time. One step at a time. One task at a time. One future at a time.
Make an Indelible Imprint:  Be a Sponsor
If your organization would like to become involved with JP's mission, you may consider a sponsorship. Corporations, small businesses, churches, clubs or individuals may choose one of the following options:

Sponsor A Next Step Coaching Course.
Choose one of 10, unique courses offering step-by-step instruction and tasks on the following subjects: 1) Turning Heartache into Triumph (Identity and Destiny); 2) Worthy of Respect; 3) MY Space (Supportive Network); 4) Blind Spots, Baggage and Behavior (Self Sabotage); 5) Justice (Forgiveness);  6) Perception vs. Reality, (Discernment and Wisdom); 7) Say What?! (Resolving Conflict);   8) Vision: Go For It! Dream Big! (Career and Life Goals)   9) Your Right Job Right Now (Mentoring and Leadership); and 10) Good News! (Faith).
*Next Step Sponsors at the $5,000 level are invited to have their names and/or logo on all marketing materials, the JP website and The Next Step landing page. 


Sponsor Foster Forward Workshops.
There are 18 companion courses to The Next Step taught at CSM. 
*Foster Forward Sponsors at the $5,000 level are invited to have their names and/or logo on all marketing materials and the JP website.


Sponsor a Student.
Invest in the education of a student who has spent his or her early years in the foster care system. Your support boosts the odds that this student will remain in school and complete the requirements for a college degree. Recommended sponsorship is $3000 per student.  Funds will be directed to meet the student's basic educational and living needs such as a laptop, printer,  instructional or relevant student software, school supplies, books, bus pass as needed and appropriate attire for work or internships.

For more information, contact Kim at
Foster Youth Essay:  Beating the Odds
Starting with the December e-newsletter, JP will present portions of the essays submitted by Silicon Valley foster youth for the Beating the Odds Contest.  San Mateo County's Human Service Agency hosted the event, inviting several partners, including Jeremiah's Promise, to serve as judges. The top three essays selected will win an award of $500 each. 

Here's a snippet from Essay #3:  
"Life happens around us, not strictly to us. However, sometimes it is scariest in one's head. My brother committed suicide while babysitting my little brother and I.  I was 13. We both saw the aftermath..but I really grew depressed...After that, I entered foster care for the first time, which felt mostly isolated and immobile, despite many housemates and new homes...Life isn't devoid of love and joy: odd friends and parent figures have appeared and given me bizarre and fantastic hope...Children become aware that they are not tied to a single circumstance, that new opportunities exist, and that they have a choice in what their lives become.  I want to create a life of independence and fulfillment." (Find out the rest of the story on.)
Fueling the Synergy
Fight the Good Fight
"Future" Investment
Beating the Odds
Invaluable Asset

Quick Links
Be Part of the Plan!
Gifts in any denomination are helpful and much appreciated.  Here is how they are put to good use: 
  • $50 - buys a gift card to meet the basic needs of a student who has attended  three workshops 
  • $100 - buys lunch for 15 attendees
  • $500  - supplies basics, such as books and school supplies, for one student
  • $1000 - funds The Next Step additional one-on-one support for a foster youth
  • $5000 - funds The Next Step support for five youth
  • $25,000 - helps fund one-on-one Next Step individualized development for 25 youth
  • $100,000 - helps expand the impact of The Next Step to foster youth nationwide
Please consider JP in your year-end giving plans. Contributions may be made by check or our website at
View the 'Online Giving' link to the right of the home page for PayPal support. 
Thank You!
We can't say it enough.  We can't do what we do without YOU.  Your sacrifices toward our mission have been deeply appreciated. Thank you and please spread the word to someone else who may want to partner with us as a sponsor, contributor or as a volunteer. Your prayers are valued, too! 

We extend to you blessings of peace, joy, good health and well being, 
Kim Golter,