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Bridging Foster Youth To Adulthood

 "I only had to come to three sessions, but I came to all six because every time I was there, the topic was on the very issue that I was dealing with that week,"  JD said a incredulously. Wow, that was affirming.
He was referring to our summer workshops for former foster youth and those who are soon to age out. 
Jeremiah's Promise, the College of San Mateo and the county's Education and Employment Services Section joined to offer a summer program to bridge youth to adult responsibilities and behaviors through 
JP workshops that served to strengthen their relational, personal, career and communication skills. 

The six-week session was geared to San Mateo County's foster youth and former foster youth between 17 and 23 years old.  Most of the participants were part of the STEP internship program sponsored by the county's Department of Human Services. 

 And we are happy to say that JD is meeting us for lunch once a month for more encouragement, support and friendship. 
A Labor of Love
Dear Nicholas,

So far this year, 75 determined, resilient, and inspiring lives have been challenged and reshaped through our college-based workshops, staff interactions, and 
mentoring program. 

We have been honored to have been part of the lives of these amazing young men and women whose early years were marred by abuse, tragedy and neglect. Among them included three hard-working former foster youth who cleared significant financial hurdles as a result of support by one of our donors. This effectively allowed them to continue their course work, bringing them closer to earning their college degrees. 

Another 180 emerging leaders in foster care have been blessed by clothing and other basic needs for use at work, school functions and public speaking events. 

Getting to know these young people has served to enrich us deeply. We're continually learning how to "do life" with each other in a way that honors and values each person right where they are in life. 
Please read to the bottom of the newsletter for important updates and personal stories.
Streamlining Costs to Be Sustainable in the Future
Office Space 1
No one could argue that times
remain tough for people 
in general, though pockets 
of wealth remain unaffected 
in Silicon Valley.  
Nonprofits have taken 
a large financial hit 
in the past five years. 
Overhead costs are soaring 
due to recent healthcare legislation, other mandatory insurance and 
the rising costs 
of office space. 
We have done much 
with what we have been given, 
but we want to do more, 
specifically for the
young adults we serve.  
We are confident the programs 
in place are penetrating 
the complex needs 
of these young people.  
We see lives changing 
for the better. 
We would like 
to position ourselves 
to continue 
with as little fixed costs 
as possible.  We already 
have scaled back 
until we have felt the strain 
and operate with only two 
employees and a team 
of dedicated volunteers.  
Now we believe it's time 
to downsize further. 
If you or someone you know 
has space 
that is unused 
in their office building 
and would like to rent it 
at no cost or reduced cost,
 please let us know 
before September 30.  
Please check 
with your tax attorney 
to ensure the space 
could be offered
 as a tax-exempt, 
in-kind donation.
 Lowering the cost 
of soaring office overhead 
would keep us viable 
for much longer. 
Ways YOU Can Build Their Foundation
Solo girl_hopeful
Would you like to be a benefactor to a person 
who needs your help
in order to live the life
he or she was destined 
to live?
In December 2012, 
a woman said yes to that
question.  She gave us
 $10,000 to use for 
students who were
at risk of quitting
college because they 
lacked money 
for school supplies, fees or 
basic necessities.
When we responded to 
the needs of one
young student with this gift
she cried. 
She said, "No one 
has ever helped me 
like this before."
Now you can have the 
opportunity to touch 
a life in this way. 
Think of one of three ways
listed below that 
YOU can do to empower
our former foster youth.
1) Sponsor our College Workshop Series;
2) Sponsor our Web-Based
Coaching Courses;
3) Sponsor a Student.
See our website for details.
Sponsorships may be
 in the form of  
corporate, small or 
businesses, church groups 
through private individuals. When you've made your
decision, contact us




We Can Help Them at Each Step Every Day
Web Coaching_Spirit Hand
At a summer session 
for former foster youth,  
one of the 
attendees sat slumped
through the 
first few slides covering the material for our 
online coaching course
noticeably unconvinced 
of its value. I mean noticeably.
Then the message 
appeared on the screen 
about one of
the biggest lies we tend to believe:
"Who we are is not enough."
From that point on, she sat
straight up. She whipped out 
her cell phone to take 
a picture of the slide 
and even asked the 
author to pose with it,
 which he did good naturedly. 
Or maybe he's just a ham. 
At the end of the session, 
she exclaimed,
"That hit me," 
slapping the middle 
of her chest for impact. 
"That went deep!
 I'm not going to forget
that. I'm not!" 
This fall the College of San Mateo will be offering 
a workshop by the author 
of this new web-based, 
employment course.
CSM has been using
the tool since last spring
when it was introduced
to the students attending
the final JP workshop 
for the term.
Since then the response 
has been upbeat. 
Several people 
using it have reported  
it applies to more than
simply jobs or interviewing. 
Many have said
it feels like someone
is right there with them
guiding them step by step 
each day to make major 
changes in the way 
they think 
about both their 
lives and careers.
The course is offered
free on our website at 
The previously recalcitrant 
young lady mentioned earlier leaned over and asked me, 
"Is this man
a psychologist?" 
Later, she asked, "He's a preacher, isn't heHe knows about people, doesn't he?"
No to the first two questions.
Yes to the third.
He's my husband, Brian,
and he knows people.
Check out the course. 
It's called
"Your Right Job Right Now" 
and is the first of 10 to be offered
at no cost on our site.  

If our mission is something you would like to support, here are giving options to consider:
  • $50 will buy a gift card after every 3rd workshop attended
  • $100 will provide workshop lunches for 15 youth
  • $500 will supply 5 youth with basic needs such as books or work attire
  • $5000 helps support 3 months of college workshops 
  • $10000 funds 10 youth in 1-to-1, in-depth coaching 
  • $25000 helps fund 10 interactive, web-based courses for 100 youth
Thank you in advance for your generosity. We can't do this without you!

Blessings to You and Yours,
The JP Team
Hand Holding Heart
We Couldn't Leave Her Out in the Cold
We're told in the Bible that whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Jesus (Matthew 25:31-40). While we are well aware that at any given time ANY of us can fit into that category of neediness, we were privileged this summer to have a chance to live out this verse for someone who had become very special to us.  
A brave, generous, lovely young lady was in dire shape. We discovered that this quiet, pleasant, former foster youth had been sleeping in her car yet still making it to all of our workshops and to her summer internship job. She said she didn't want to go to a transitional housing program or risk being heart broken or rejected by the parents of a household if we found her a "normal" home in which to live. So we found a short-term place for her until long-term housing became available. We also were able to help with some of her basic needs such as gas and food. 
Oxsana drove with her to look for reduced-rent apartments and spent hours talking to her, checking in with her and offering a listening ear and a laugh or two when it was needed. Recently we received this email, "Currently waiting to get an apartment inspected (before moving in)! So close to not having to sleep in my car anymore! Also the internship is coming to an end, but luckily I have been asked to stay on as temporary extra help after the internship ends. Again I am so thankful for all of the support and kindness you and the rest of the JP team have provided me."  She closed the note asking how we were doing and if Oxsana had been successful in her own apartment search. Needless to say, this young lady left her indelible imprint on us. 

While we understand that it takes a community to rebuild a shattered life, we are only one part of that community. We ask for your assistance, too. If our mission is something you feel motivated to support as you plan your giving for the year, then we welcome your tax-deductible contribution to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We accept online donations for your convenience thru PayPal or at See the Online Giving link at the top right of the sidebar to access Paypal's donation page. 


We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Our Tax ID is 75-3079265.