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Jeremiah's Promise3/20/15
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Foster Forward: Our Next Step
Dear Nicholas,

Our plea for help went out, and many of you responded in abundance! As a result of your financial blessing during the recent holidays, college students, such as Tai, learned they could prosper in areas they never believed possible. They were guided past what has often sabotaged them, discovering instead their strengths, values and unique talents as they engaged in our college Foster Forward series. The Next Step cloud-based coaching showed them how to gain traction in achieving still more out of college and life - and have fun doing it. In the process, they discovered they had leadership ability, creativity and team building skills that would make them an asset in any field. Their career choices included video and gaming technology, biology research, business entrepreneur, lawyer, etc. 

Tai, excited by what she was learning, saw other students finishing a class in the room we were about to enter for our workshop. She pointed at them and with a twirling motion of  her index finger, said with authority, "Turn around. Go back inside. You need this." Surprisingly, they did an about face and complied without comment. Two weeks later they returned for more. Read how your support has reshaped the way these young students think and act, giving them a new and incredible, victorious start to their futures!


Blind Spots, Baggage & Behavior
beautiful woman with elegant dress and vintage suitcaseThe workshop, called "Blind Spots, Baggage & Behavior," is designed to guide former foster youth and other young adults who have suffered abuse in identifying beliefs and patterns of behavior that, once dealt with, will bring more joy, confidence and stability into their relationships at home, school and work.  The session was initially entitled, "Hurting People HURT People". 

You may squirm as you realize that each of us at any given time has been either hurtful through our own words or actions or the one who has received the brunt of another's emotional backlash.  It's an important message, particularly in an age where careless remarks and actions are captured by cell phone video, and disturbing accusations are often made in social media. 

The workshop is conducted for college students during the regular school year and during the summer for transition-age foster youth from San Mateo County. To gain traction, students are challenged to complete The Next Step's 21-day course where they do exercises and tasks each day to help them recognize where they may be hurtful toward others or are allowing themselves to be hurt or even abused. The purpose is to guide them in releasing offenses, empower themselves through a confident stance and communication and show them how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not. 

Still squirming? Yeah, it's an ongoing lesson we all need - some days more than others. 


Mission Progress
Top view image of group of young people putting their hands together. Friends with stack of hands showing unity. Our mission continues growth of its own. JP has teamed with county partners to conduct college tours throughout California for foster youth who are graduating high school within the next two years. We also are progressing in our talks with another large college about hosting our Foster Forward workshops on their campus with an emphasis on the use of our in-depth, cloud-based coaching tool. Soon we will be in a position to spread The Next Step across the nation. We will proceed with the expansion of The Next Step shortly after completion of the ground-breaking system's next enhancements, which will allow two-way communication with isoBlog users in real time. The subsequent roll out will allow us to work in groups and teams with students nationwide to accomplish significant support and transformation through a sustained, systematic onslaught of hope and direction to a group of young people who often feel forgotten, forsaken and forlorn. To view our current progress, visit
Super Support
Human hands in heart shape on bright background Just know that whether you delivered your Christmas and Q1 gifts by mail, online, through your company or in person, we were jumping up and down. Okay, so sometimes we had to do our joy dance on the inside, so we wouldn't freak you out. Maybe you got a hug in person if you weren't too shy about it. Otherwise, please know we were mentally hugging you and genuinely blessing your kindness. A big thank you to a very dear couple who were responsible for a large matching gift of their own that was used to challenge Google 's G-Give drive in December, raising over $30,000!  For a ninth year, the Hurlbut-Johnson Foundation added their support with a gift of $25,000.  The JP Board and intercessors contributed nearly $23,000, and the Los Altos Town Crier Holiday Fund raised $10,000 for our nonprofit, the tenth year we've been a recipient of their generosity.  Local churches and corporate matches rounded out the campaign. Whether the gift was $5 or $25,000, it was well received and deeply appreciated. But if you want to see the joy dance, you'll have to stop by in person.
We've said it before, and it remains true. We couldn't do what we do without you. Whether you intercede for us through prayer, contribute financially and/or give of your time and talent as a facilitator or fundraiser, know you are a valued member of JP. 
With Kindest Regards, 
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Kim Golter
Jeremiah's Promise, Inc.
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Rebuilding Foundations
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Please consider us again as you plan your giving for the year. To see what your gifts have brought to the lives of college students struggling to push past abuse and neglect, visit


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