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Dear Kim,

This school year 60 remarkable lives were touched through JP's college-based workshops, while 3 hard-working, former foster youth received financial aid for them to complete college unhindered. Another 156 foster youth were blessed by clothing and other basic needs for jobs, special school functions and speaking events. But there's more...Read on!
A Bridge from High School
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June 19 kicks off our 
Summer Workshops
at the 
College of San Mateo
for foster youth 
who are 
high school juniors 
or graduating seniors 
and foster youth 
from transitional housing
and After Care programs.
The goal is to ease 
students entering 
- or even considering - 
into this next stage 
by identifying and overcoming 
attitudes and behaviors
they may not realize
they possess.
Some of these often hurtful
 belief structures
have been survival tools 
in childhood
that are no longer required. 
The aim is 
to help these students 
make a confident transition
 from high school 
to higher education and beyond.
 The series also
 will be used 
as training for STEP, 
a paid, summer
 internship program 
for foster youth by
San Mateo County. 
The college workshops are 
 a collaborative effort 
of JP, CSM and the 
section (for foster youth), 
of the San Mateo County
Human Services Agency.
Step-by-Step Coaching
Computer series
We have launched 
a beta test for the 
employment section 
of our revolutionary, 
web-based coaching series 
for students to access 
as they seek their first, 
post-collegiate jobs. 
The remainder
of our groundbreaking, 
step-by-step, interactive
 coaching series 
will be introduced
later this year 
for former foster youth
and young adults, 
17 to 24 years old, 
who have experienced
abuse and neglect
in their childhood
and teenage years.
There will be 10 no-cost
21-day courses where
the students may work
online solo or
in groups or teams. 
Most topics will be similar 
to the present
 college-based workshops. 
Outcome measures 
are in place 
to monitor the effectiveness 
of each step and 
the course, over all,
for particular users 
or subpopulations
of users.
The courses 
may be used 
to re-enforce
what was learned 
at each session, or they 
may stand alone
for anyone nationwide
to access.




Mentoring:  CA PTA
California's State PTA
invited JP 
and 3 Bay Area mentoring
organizations to participate
in a panel discussion
in San Jose May 2
to highlight the specifics 
of their programs 
and the important role 
caring adults have played 
in the lives of local youth. 
Attendees were encouraged 
to mentor in their area. 
Court Appointed Special Advocates 
of San Mateo  
Friends for Youth,
and Big Brothers/Big Sisters
joined JP to showcase
the value of mentoring 
foster youth and 
children and teens. 
During the Q&A, 
many admitted
fear or unease at the idea
of  mentoring urban youth.
The notion was dispelled 
by Kim Golter of JP, 
who said.
 "I can assure you 
they are more afraid of you."
She then expressed
how unconditional love
and respect transform
both of the lives
involved in the 
mentor-mentee relationship.
If our mission is something you would like to support, here are giving options to consider:
  • $50  will buy a gift card after every 3rd workshop attended
  • $100 will provide workshop lunches for 15 youth
  • $500 will supply 5 youth with basic needs such as books or work attire
  • $5000 helps support 3 months of college workshops 
  • $10000 funds 10 youth in 1-to-1, in-depth coaching 
  • $25000 helps fund 10 interactive, web-based courses for 100 youth
Thank you in advance for your generosity. We can't do this without you!

Enjoy your Summer,
The JP Team
Jump for joy
One of our students, a former foster youth, sent us a very touching note about our college workshops. 
In it he said, "Friends at JP, I am glad to have been a part of the program in Spring '13.  For making an impact in students lives, including my own, you have my gratitude and respect. The workshops already have lent me tremendous insight. 
Highest Regards, R.G." 
Value of the note?

While we understand that it takes a community to rebuild a shattered life, we are only one part of that community. We ask for your assistance, too. If our mission is something you feel motivated to support as you plan your giving for the year, then we welcome your tax-deductible contribution to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We accept online donations for your convenience thru PayPal or at See the Online Giving link at the top right of the sidebar to access Paypal's donation page. 


We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Our Tax ID is 75-3079265.