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Summer 2014
Dear Nicholas,

Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite celebrations. This year, it was with a jolt that we realized the obvious. Winning a hard-fought independence against great odds is our job. To that end, Jeremiah's Promise has partnered again this summer with San Mateo County and the College of San Mateo, to guide transition-age foster youth through our Foster Forward series.  

These thought-provoking sessions often integrate a variety of media, film clips and role plays that highlight messages that guide youth as they tackle tough issues in their quest to bridge confidently to adulthood and all the responsibility that entails. To set the tone, we asked each of them to describe how they would like to be known in one word. They each sat up very straight, looked us in the eye and earnestly responded with descriptives such as, "honor", "creative," "courageous", "just", "wise", "strong" and "generous".  Those answers were cause for celebration.

Another important workshop is underway later in July.  To leverage the strength and mission of both organizations, Jeremiah's Promise will facilitate The Next Step training for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)-Silicon Valley. Supervisors and CASAs will be trained in guiding their advocate foster youth through the team-based system that takes youth, 17 to 24, through web courses similar to our college workshops. The web approach goes much deeper in guiding youth interactively, day by day and step by step, as they begin to heal from childhood trauma, determine core strengths, manage conflict, friend supportive people, and find leaders of integrity in their chosen fields to help them bring out their unique best.

Through it all, we look forward to witnessing more young adults transform, grow, find their voice and achieve dreams they never thought possible.  We're astounded and greatly encouraged by the response we've seen already!


Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!
Kim Golter


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Laughter, Life Lessons, Knowledge and Friendship
"Hi! Thank you for the words of encouragement and for all your support.  I forgot to tell you that I made the Dean's List last semester :)  Feels really good because I have been struggling for a while. Hope to see you around campus!"  
This was one of many poignant notes and emails we've received from the more than 100 students who have attended our college workshops, participated in The Next Step, and have met with us one on one.  Relationship is at the core of what we do to encourage and embolden young people who often feel forlorn, forgotten or forsaken.  
Through each avenue of support, transition-age foster youth - and others who have endured childhood abuse or neglect - learn to find their strength and use innovative strategies in a world fraught with sometimes overwhelming challenges. Most of all how, they discover how to place people in their inner circles who will guide, instruct, encourage, nurture and support them during life's ups and downs. They also learn that their struggles, if viewed objectively, shape them into the people they were born to be, which we believe is 180-degrees opposite the cruel situations they have encountered or erroneous labels they have been assigned. That would make them courageous, victorious, creative, intelligent, compassionate, resilient, beautiful and leaders. 
As Maylin expressed, "Thank you so much for a great year of friendship, laughter, happiness, life lessons, knowledge, and most of all, your generosity. I enjoyed coming to these workshops and getting to learn something new every time, as well as, having the pleasure to get to know you as great, educated people. It was really helpful, and, hopefully, I can see you all during the Summer and Fall.  You all rock!"     So does she. 
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