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Jeremiah's Promise offers mentoring that is specific to the needs of the older foster youth, ages 17 to 24, along with academic support, career guidance, life skills enhancement and group activities for emancipating and soon-to-emancipate foster youth. Since its launch in 2004, here is what your time, talent and treasure have brought to our local foster youth:

Long-term Relationships with Mentoring Adults: 98%
CA Average for Former Foster Youth: unavailable; however, this is a key predictor in mental/emotional stability often leading to an average of $215,000 a year per person in mental health care costs. It also is a factor in the incarceration of up to 20% of former foster youth, costing $55,000 to $115,000 a year per inmate.

High School Diplomas Earned while at JP: 95%
CA Average for former Foster Youth: 44 to 77%

College Enrollment: 90%

Two or More Years in College: 85%
CA Average for Former Foster Youth: 1 to 5%

Employed: 97%

Live without Government Help upon Exiting Program: 88%
CA Average for Former Foster Youth: 50%

Pregnant or Parenting: 5%
National Average for Foster Youth: 33%

* Data source:  Emancipating Foster Youth:  A Compilation of Statistics. Everychild Foundation and John Burton Foundation for Children Without Homes, May 2006




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