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Corporate, Small Business, or Individual Sponsorships
Sponsor one of 10 courses offering step-by-step instruction, personalized, daily feedback and individualized guidance. Sponsors may choose one of the following:

1) Turning Heartache into Triumph

2) Worthy of Respect

3) My space (building a trustworthy inner circle)

4) Blind Spots, Baggage & Behavior

5) Justice (moving on with confidence)

6) Perception vs. Reality

7) Say What?! Communicating through Conflict

8) Vision for Your Future: Go For It. Dream Big!

9) Your Right Job Right Now

10) Good News!

$5,000 Sponsors will have their Names or a Corporate or Business Logo on all marketing materials, our website Home page throughout the calendar year, on The Next Step landing page, and on the Course web page that is sponsored.

For more information, please contact us at

Sponsor for Foster Forward College Workshops

Sponsor an interactive and challenging Foster Forward Series at a local college for former foster youth and others who are guided to overcome painful pasts as they develop their vision and a detailed plan for a promising future.

$5,000 Annual Sponsors will have their Names or a Corporate or Business Logo on all marketing materials, our website throughout the calendar year and in the classroom for the course that is sponsored.

There are 12 courses during the academic year and 2 sessions in the summer that are integrated with a 21-day, Next Step cloud-based coaching course. The topics are frequently updated to remain relevant to student needs but are, essentially, in the areas of confidence, self concept, self worth, moving past trauma, forgiveness, communication, conflict resolution, discernment, identifying outdated survival skills, developing new interpersonal tools, employability, team building and leadership skills, etc.

For more information, please contact us at

Sponsor a Student
For $3,000 and up, you may sponsor a student who has spent his or her early years in the foster care system. Your support could help increase the odds that this student will remain in school and complete the requirement for a college degree.

Funds applied to the youth will be directed to meet essential educational and living needs such as laptop, instructional or student software, school supplies, books, transportation aid, appropriate attire for job interviews, work, interships or special school fuctions, or any core need that will promote progress toward independence, a college degree and a meaningful employment.

For more information, please contact us at

Jeremiah's Promise, Inc. is a member of San Mateo County's Children and Adolescent Collaborative Action Team (CCAT/ACAT), a consortium of youth service providers in the community. Jeremiah's Promise is also a member of Education Support Work Group, whose function is as an advisor to San Mateo County about foster youth education issues. In addition, the nonprofit is a member of San Mateo County's Transition-Age Youth committee, a collaborative partnership of community providers, which seeks to support foster youth as they transition to adulthood. Jeremiah's Promise is a member of San Mateo County's Housing Forum that provides insight and solutions into housing matters for foster youth. Lastly, the organization works with many agencies in Santa Clara County to mitigate the challenges of housing, higher education, safety and independent living skills for transitioning foster youth.



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