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Volunteer Application - Click here for the online volunteer application or download our PDF file

Become an important person in the life of one of our youth by committing to spend one-on-one time cultivating a supportive relationship that has the potential to become a life-long attachment.

An ability to commit to weekly contact with mentee. A commitment to consistently model positive life choices. Must interview for mentorship, supply references, attend all training sessions, and pass a background check.
Time Commitment
Training - Six, 1 hour training sessions, followed by contact with Jeremiah's Promise once a month to discuss mentor-mentee activities and answer pertinent questions 1 hour (or more) per week. Potential life-long commitment

College-Based Workshop Facilitator
Facilitate an interactive, two hour workshop to former foster youth at a community college as part of our College Workshop team. Topics needed at this time include those on 1) Friendship 101: What is Healthy and What is Not; 2) Language, Dress, and Attitude in the Workplace; 3) Video Resumes; 4) How to Break Free from Toxic Relationships; 5) Dangers of People Pleasing; 6) Dangers of Isolation and Mistrust; 7) What Do Healthy Boundaries Look Like; 8) Walk Me through Positive Dating & Communication. Feel free to suggest additional topics for consideration.

Knowledge of subject being presented; Ability to engage students 18 years old and up; Ability to involve students in discussion, role plays, break-out groups, etc. Mastery of PowerPoint or Keynote, and Knowledge of supportive media, film clips, etc. Hands-on approach and sense of humor a plus
Time Commitment
2 hours per workshops scheduled on a monthly basis and 2 hours once or twice a month in team prep meeting

Corporate, Small Business, or Individual Sponsorships
Sponsor a Workshop held on site at the community colleges.

$5,000 Annual Sponsors will have their Names or a Corporate or Business Logo on all marketing materials, our website throughout the calendar year and in the classroom for the course that is sponsored.

There are 16 courses during the academic year and 6 courses in the summer. The topics are frequently updated to remain current and relevant to student needs but are essentially in the areas of Self Worth and Self Concept, Moving past trauma, Forgiveness, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Employability, and Team building and Leadership skills.

For more information, please contact us at

Sponsor a Web-Based Coaching Course on an Annual Basis

There are 10, interactive courses offering step-by-step instruction on the following core subjects: 1) Turning Tragedy into Triumph, 2) Worthy of Respect, 3) MY Space, 4) Blindspots, Baggage and Behavior, 5) Justice, 6) Perception vs. Reality, 7) Say What?! (Conflict Resolution) , 8) Your Right Job Right Now, 9) Go For It! Dream Big!, and 10) Good News!

$5,000 Sponsors will have their Names or a Corporate or Business Logo on all marketing materials, our website Home page throughout the calendar year, on the Web Coaching landing page, and on the Course web page that is sponsored.

For more information, please contact us at

Sponsor a Student
For $3,000 and up, you can sponsor a student who has spent his or her early years in the foster care system. Your support could help increase the odds that this student will remain in school and complete the requirement for a college degree.

Funds applied to the youth will be directed to meet basic educational and living needs such as laptop, instructional or student software, school supplies, books, bus transportation or gas for car, eyeglasses (if needed), appropriate attire for job interviews, work, internships or special school functions etc.

For more information, please contact us at

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