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Equipping Leaders with the Right Tools for Success through DeeperEngaged Social Impact

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” 

- President John Quincy Adams

Jeremiah's Promise understands the nature of non-profit leadership and the pitfalls that can't help but present themselves to the best of us. It's inherent in the type of work we do. 

We're here to help you do what you do without the added stress and turmoil, whether it's training new volunteers, developing staff strengths, improving outcomes while reducing costs, or scaling programs more effectively and efficiently. 

The JP team is available to implement solutions that are digital, simple,  step-by-step, customized and measurable to help you outsmart your mission-critical challenges. Our solutions function much like a "GPS" for the training, development and sustainability of leadership, staff, clients and volunteers. 

Join DeeperEngaged Social Impact where we raise a new gold standard through an interactive, integrated platform as we:​

  • Collect data and analytics vital to mission and client success

  • Apply and share meaningful data through Artificial Intelligence Augmentation to achieve better results

  • Support leaders, staff and clients through digital communities so they may hit mission-critical targets and improve long-term performance at deeper levels of engagement 

  • Develop digital, navigational-style behavioral strategies for non-profits and their clients for sustained achievement

  • Track goals: who did what, at what level of engagement, the level of success for individuals and groups and  immediately improve solutions for one individual or an entire group  

  • Collaborate on a HIPPA compliant, interactive platform

  • Reduce staff burnout, financial pressures, ineffective programs and lackluster results while accomplishing program scalability without increasing stress or overhead costs

  • Instill non-profits with confidence that they’ve equipped their young clients to overcome their struggles and achieve their dreams for education, career and relationships for years to come  


Become a Charter Sponsor

Become a Sponsor 


Any of the following may benefit:  Foundations, Non-Profits, Social Service Agencies and High-Impact Programs.​

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